A future in the light of nostalgia.

The Manufacture

Truly unique.

We are aware of the Kaege RETRO evoking a growing interest, enthusiasm and curiosity: Who are the people behind this vision? Where is the manufacture? And how many vehicles are crafted per year?

The Kaege RETRO is produced exclusively in our modern premises in Stetten – a small town in the hills of Rhineland-Palatinate, close to the famous “Hockenheimring”.

Each vehicle is unique. It is thoroughly handcrafted with a lot of passion, experience and expertise by our team members and some selected specialists, leaving plenty of room for individual customizing.

Essentially, quality is a matter of time and devotion. Hence, the annual production is currently limited to six vehicles per year. We might carefully enlarge production over the next years, but only if we can maintain the current level of quality and exclusivity.

The Perspectives

Passionately ambitious.

Regarding our current capacities and following our strict philosophy, 2016 two RETROs will be ready for delivery.

This limitation is, as said, because our level of production quality is not negotiable and, moreover, we want to leave us some spare time for new ideas and their feasibility.

Just as we once took the time getting familiar with the idea for the RETRO.