Bringing a vision to life

The Vision

Just a 993.

Everything started with a vision. That’s how these stories would usually begin. Well, to be honest, it really started more down to earth - in 2010 we just acquired a Porsche 993 which at first hasn’t been at the centre of our attention. It simply has just been there at our premises for a while.

A hardly appealing 1990ish design, but the best air-cooled standard technology that ever has left the Zuffenhausen factories.

In the light of this elementary insight, we more and more became acquainted with the idea to honour this perfect piece of engineering with the look that it actually deserves.

The Challenge

Getting obsessed.

Pandora’s Box has been opened, and we committed to one common goal: To merge the 993’s DNA with the classy look of the legendary F-Model – undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cars that have ever been built.

We knew we had to excel ourselves to make this dream come true.

The Details

A perfect appearance.

We had to do a lot of scaling, interpreting, trying and adapting in order to achieve an overall look that literally is perfectly authentic in every detail – let it be the bumpers, the bonnet, the tail or the wings.

Where necessary or reasonable we worked with carbon parts – with the side effect that the overall car is still rock solid but significantly more lightweight now.

The Finish

Colours ahead.

Deconstruct what you love: Making a dream come true is a question of stamina in the first place. It’s a long way until you get to the fun part – such as the choice of the final paintings.

Of course, we tend to prefer classical nuances – however, in the end it will be up to you whether you choose classy understatement or a flamboyant statement as regards the colour.

The Proportions

The relative approach to absolute beauty.

It has been a period of puzzling: The 993’s dimensions differ remarkably from the F-model specs. The length, the axles – just to mention a few.

We literally spent many, many weeks with anticipating, trying and having really “close looks” on details in order to finally maintain the overall proportions, the overall perfect F-look.

In between, lovingly taking care of little accessories such as the fuel tank cap almost felt like having a break...

The Technology

Thousand bits of perfection.

An entire symphony will be only as good as its many little parts: We thoroughly revised the original parts or deliberately replaced them with a better alternative – such as the wheels or the suspension.

Just to ensure that you will receive nothing less than a completely new and perfect car in the end.

The RETRO-LED Headlights

Simply brilliant.

The RETRO-LEDs are an in-house development that stand out due to their modern LED-based concept within an immaculate vintage look.

Energy-saving, light-intense and far more durable then their original predecessors – without disturbing the classy appearance of the car.

The Interior

A vision from the inside.

Modern convenience characterizes the Kaege RETRO just as its classy look does.

Air-conditioning, a Becker Radio-Navigation, airbags and comfortable Recaro-seats are a tribute to modern automotive requirements that won’t spoil the feeling to drive a real timeless and special car.

Talk to us about your desired level of customization.