Together RETRO.

Our Team

Six cylinders. Eight specialists. One commitment.

It has been a team of eight passionate specialists that turned an idea into a project, and a project into a unique piece of automotive emotion in the end.

Eightfold passion, anticipation, competence and love for a vehicle.

Of course we are grateful that we also could rely on our partners at any time. We know our abilities and we know what others can do better: We had a great time with our friends that took care of the carbon parts, the textile works in the interior – or those who simply made lunch for us9 .

Thank you.

Roger Kaege


It was back in 1992, when Roger Kaege – a certified vehicle construction and bodywork expert – decided to enlarge his service facilities into a representative manufacture.

Next to his manifold competences for other car brands, it has been his passion for Porsche which soon gave him the reputation of being a true expert in everything related to high-end sports car tuning and services.

His steady professional presence at the Hockenheimring made him soon a “well-known man” with an outstanding expertise.

Slowly but steadily, Roger Kaege’s team was growing, the facilities enlarged and the capacities ensured to start working on a vision: To honour the rock solid 993 with the timeless look of a F-model.

You are invited to learn more about Roger Kaege’s portfolio, expertise and references on his company’s website www.kaege.de