The seventies, contemporarily comfortable.
RETRO Factsheet PDF

The Cockpit

Heading forward to good old times.

Where each touch, each manoevre turns into an emotional experience: Driving fun starts inside the RETRO.
A steering wheel made from leather, controls and instruments cleverly interpreting a genuine Seventies-feeling and modern components that perfectly suit the nostalgic atmosphere.

Get in.

The Interior

The inside is up to you.

The Kaege RETRO is designed to impress you – to impress you by leaving choices up to your personal taste. That applies first and foremost to everything related to the interior design of your RETRO.

We invite you to commonly shape the flair of the “Golden Seventies“ – until it is what you personally might call perfect.

The luggage trunk

Even there: atmosphere!

Style is a sophisticated matter of understatement – so why would we stop seeking the perfect style, just because it’s “only” a trunk? It’ll be a pleasure for you to put your luggage there – in case you carry something with you, apart from enthusiasm.