RETRO Factsheet PDF

The RETRO-LED Headlights

Simply brilliant.

The RETRO-LEDs are an in-house development that stand out due to their modern LED-based concept within an immaculate vintage look.

Energy-saving, light-intense and far more durable then their original predecessors – without disturbing the classy appearance of the car.

The Airbags

Just in case...

Some things simply did not exist back then – now they are considered as a standard. There is no way of taking any risks for authenticity’s sake – that’s why we equipped the RETRO with airbags as a matter of course.
We sincerely hope you will neither take notice nor need them at any time.

The Seats

Must be a Recaro.

Ergonomical, comfortable and utmost safe: There have never been any doubts we would use Recaro seats for the Kaege RETRO. Seriously - there isn’t anything better.

Choose your fabric - and take a seat!

The Navigation System

Let us infotain you!

The F-model‘s original dash panel was not designed for large touch screens. And of course we did not want to change that.

Nonetheless, it is pleasant to know that the RETRO comes with a modern radio navigation system - including all standard features but “hidden” in a classy vintage cover.

The air conditioning

Tempered moments in a genuinely hot car.

At some point we admittedly appreciate the blessings of automotive innovation: Other than the F-model, the standard 993 came with an air-conditioning system.

Apart from the optional sun roof, it ensures that you won’t just travel in a perfect mood but also well-tempered.