Timelessly smooth.
RETRO Factsheet PDF

The Engine

As air-cooled as air-cooled can be.

It’s as simple as that: The Kaege RETRO works with an entirely revised 993 engine. Thus - unlike our competitors - we strictly revert to the best air-cooled standard technology that has ever been engineered at Porsche.

For each RETRO we take the time to disassemble, check, balance and reconstruct the entire unit. We ensure that the engine is working in a cultivated, smooth and firm manner at the end of that process.

By careful means we gained a slight increase in the overall performance – 300 HP out of 3.6 litres of capacity. Porsche feeling at its purest!

The RETRO comes with hydraulic valve lifters which effectively contribute to a low maintenance frequency. By the way: Thanks to its OBD-capability, the RETRO can be handled easily at any Porsche dealership worldwide.

The Suspension

KW. Of course.

Of course, also for this outstanding Kaege project we resort to the proven and tested KW suspension technologies.

They turned out to be unsurpassed in every regard. Just the right choice for the Kaege RETRO.

The Transmission

Being 993.

Not only the original six-cylinder engine but also the original 993 transmission remained nearly untouched. Nearly, because we properly revised everything. Of course.

Some things just are perfect as they are.

The Brakes

Not worth changing.

We modify things when there is a need to do so. Otherwise we keep them original. The latter applies for the 993’s brakes system – they are still a great piece of technology in terms of a safe and ambitious driving experience. We just accurately overhauled them.

The Battery

Lightweight and reliable.

Steady power to rely on whilst saving weight – that have been our preconditions for choosing the RETRO’s perfect battery. We decided (again) in favour of a Liteblox Lithium power unit – a lightweight battery concept made in Germany that is appreciated throughout the professional racing scene.

The air conditioning

Tempered moments in a genuinely hot car.

At some point we admittedly appreciate the blessings of automotive innovation: Other than the F-model, the standard 993 came with an air-conditioning system.

Apart from the optional sun roof, it ensures that you won’t just travel in a perfect mood but also well-tempered.